Summer is here!!!


I know it is hard to believe but it is now officially Summer!!

Looking out of the window today we seem to be getting all four seasons in one day but hopefully it won’t be long until the sun starts to shine and we will all want to get out and enjoy the weather in our gardens, having BBQs or just relaxing.

Maybe your garden is all ready and waiting for the long sunny days but if you need some help to make the most of your outdoor space, get in contact to see what we can do to get your garden ready for Summer!!


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Artificial grass for an easy to care for garden you can use all year round

Do you want a garden that is not too much hard work but looks great?

We can transform your garden into a child friendly space which you can use all year round rather than just for a couple of days in summer! Even in this last winter (the wettest in memory) our clients have said they could still use the garden and get out there to kick a ball about without getting covered in mud!

Easy Care Lawn

Above is an example of a child friendly garden with artificial grass and raised flower beds.

Of course it is not necessary to have kids to want an easy care lawn, you may just be fed up of all the mowing or having more weeds than grass?

limestone paving fake lawn

Give us a call to see how we can help you transform your outside space so you can make the most of it.


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We make beautiful gardens

It’s true – we do make beautiful gardens! And Victorian paths and sheds and garden offices and raised beds and fences and waterfalls and, well, you get the picture.
The question is, when?

Every year we say the same; get in early so your garden is ready at the first sign of warmer weather. That’s not when you want your garden upside down and full of our builders.  And you can bet that as soon as the sun starts shining, everyone starts thinking the same. So this year, be the early bird that catches the worm and get us in to make you a garden you can enjoy.

Take a look at our gallery to get an idea of what we’ve been doing lately – we’d be happy to pop in to discuss your ideas with you, give you some of our own or recommend one of our local designers if that’s what you’d like.

And everyone likes stuff for free, right? Because we just happen to know a jolly good garden maintenance team, if you book your landscaping project with us in March we’ll throw in 2 free garden maintenance visits from our friendly maintenance guys. So, not only will you have a lovely new garden, you won’t have to look after it (for at least a few weeks anyway). Hope to speak to you soon.

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Refresh your garden for a new Spring

spring flowers daffodils 2Spring IS coming – yes, it really is! The flowers are popping up everywhere and finally there is a bit of sun hope in the air.

How’s your garden looking – a bit soggy and neglected perhaps? Do you remember last summer’s long hot days that stretched right on in to the evening? They were fantastic! Sitting outside, enjoying the good weather, doing a bit of gardening maybe, watching the kids playing in their own space perhaps, or just being in your garden sipping something cold and fresh while you wind down from your day – all what your own outside space can do for you.

Let us give you a hand to get ready. Our maintenance chaps are ready to refresh your garden, tidy away winter and put everything in order. They’ll do all the hard preparation work for you so you can do the rest, or if you prefer they’d be happy to carry on and plant up your garden so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

Give us a call on  0210 876 8286 to book a maintenance visit for your spring refresh. Say goodbye to your winter garden and hello to summer!

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Storm Damage – is your garden a mess?


Does your garden look a mess after all the stormy weather? Leaves and branches everywhere, lawn turned into a muddy puddle? Has the wind blown down your fence? The wind and rain has meant that our gardens are certainly not looking their best of late.

Now is a good time to contact us to get your garden looking neat and tidy, ready for spring!! We can also regularly maintain your garden to keep it looking fabulous.

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Special garden features – pizza oven

Are you looking for something a little different and unusual in your garden?
Here is a pizza oven built outside, a little bit different to your usual BBQ!

Special features pizza oven

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Garden Tidy and Maintenance

Does your garden need a tidy up or regular maintenance?  You don’t have time to do it or the weather is putting you off?  Why not get us in to do it for you?

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients:

My husband and I enjoy having a garden, but we don’t enjoy having to do the actual maintenance, which is why we called Quattro Landscaping.
The customer service is of a high standard, where booking an appointment is quick and easy. The gardeners turned up on time, completed the work within the allotted hours and left everything looking clean and tidy. Our garden now looks much more presentable and bigger!
We were very impressed with how friendly and approachable the gardeners were and at how much work they got done within the time allowed.
We highly recommend Quattro Landscaping and will definitely use them again.”

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New garden with Cedar slats

We’ve just finished landscaping a new garden with the ever popular Cedar slatting, an option for those who want something a bit special out of their garden fence. Its contemporary look is a great way of covering up unsightly boundary walls, can give sheds a vamp up as well as moving your garden up a step in the wow factor zone!

In this garden, we covered over the shed too so it blends in with the rest of the boundary fence, while the cedar itself stands out as a feature of the garden. We’ve added lighting so the fence can be illuminated, creating a relaxed night time atmosphere.

The lawn circle is artificial lawn, making for an easy, low maintenance garden.

Fancy something like this too?

circular lawn and wooden fencecircular lawn and hidden shedslatted wooden fence

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Garden trampolines

Bounce, Boing, Crash?!

Trampolines are great fun for the kids and the not-so-little kids. But what’s not so much fun is if it goes a bit wrong and someone ends up hurt or even worse, with a cast to write on.

We know of a great solution – ground level trampolines! We’ve been asked to put these bouncing fun pits into several family gardens and they’re a fantastic way of keeping injury risk down to a minimum. We can’t guarantee your childhood acrobatics will be completely accident free but a sunken trampoline helps a lot. We can also help you by recommending the ideal trampoline planting and have lots of other ideas on how to make your garden child-fun friendly. Take a look at our hidden sandpit in the special features section of our gallery.

Not only are ground level trampolines safer to use, they can look great too. Traditional trampolines with high nets can be a bit of an eyesore right in the middle of your relaxing view. With a ground level trampoline, you can sit and enjoy a less interrupted view while the kids get on with entertaining themselves. Add some clever and thoughtful planting and suddenly the garden works for the whole family.

Here are some pictures of what’s possible to give you an idea. We’ll take pictures of  our trampoline gardens when the weather is a bit less ‘Spring’ like (wet, snowy, sodden). Or, give us a call on 0210 876 8286 and he’d be happy to talk some more about the joys of a crash free bounce!

in_ground_trampolineground level trampoline


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If you fancy a long term supply of your own fresh herbs, growing your own is a great option. Not only will you save on expensive supermarket bought trimmings that seem to wilt and dry up the minute you buy them, you’ll know exactly how they’re grown.
And they can add some great flavour to your garden in so many ways. The pretty look of thyme, basil and lavender dotted about can add an edible sparkle to your borders while a ruffle of herbs like the delicately scented lemon thyme or spearmint can release a lovely aroma.
Where you put them can also be as inventive as you like. Placed in sunny spots throughout your exisitng plants, hanging from baskets, filling up your window boxes, peeking out through any ornamental pot you like or get creative with pallets and tables like the pictures here. Go ahead and have some fun!

We can certainly help you out if you want to create your own herb garden, or if you’ve already started here are some great tips from Garden Organic:

herb tableherb pallet

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