Garden trampolines

Bounce, Boing, Crash?!

Trampolines are great fun for the kids and the not-so-little kids. But what’s not so much fun is if it goes a bit wrong and someone ends up hurt or even worse, with a cast to write on.

We know of a great solution – ground level trampolines! We’ve been asked to put these bouncing fun pits into several family gardens and they’re a fantastic way of keeping injury risk down to a minimum. We can’t guarantee your childhood acrobatics will be completely accident free but a sunken trampoline helps a lot. We can also help you by recommending the ideal trampoline planting and have lots of other ideas on how to make your garden child-fun friendly. Take a look at our hidden sandpit in the special features section of our gallery.

Not only are ground level trampolines safer to use, they can look great too. Traditional trampolines with high nets can be a bit of an eyesore right in the middle of your relaxing view. With a ground level trampoline, you can sit and enjoy a less interrupted view while the kids get on with entertaining themselves. Add some clever and thoughtful planting and suddenly the garden works for the whole family.

Here are some pictures of what’s possible to give you an idea. We’ll take pictures of  our trampoline gardens when the weather is a bit less ‘Spring’ like (wet, snowy, sodden). Or, give us a call on 0210 876 8286 and he’d be happy to talk some more about the joys of a crash free bounce!

in_ground_trampolineground level trampoline


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