Pruning roses

It’s rose pruning season again.
We’ve been busy pruning roses all over gardens in the area lately, helping our clients to look after their plants.
It’s a wise move to make the effort to get your roses pruned properly and regularly each year to help your plants stay strong and healthy. The reward is, hopefully, in the brilliant bloom and vibrant scent later in the year and of course those beautiful blooms matching up to what was pictured on the label!

We’d be happy to prune your roses, if you’re looking for some help, as well as all the other jobs in the garden that might need doing.

When you look at your garden do you feel a sense of relaxation and enjoyment or is it just another list of jobs to do? If it’s the latter, we’d love to help you out.

Perhaps you need a new deck, the fences need a upgrade, your paved areas need a re-think, new raised beds or a complete garden transformation?
Winter is a great time to get your garden spruced up and ready before everyone has the same idea in spring and summer – build your garden in winter, enjoy it in summer!
Give us a call, we’d be happy to talk to you.

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