In ground trampolines

Exciting news! We are the new installers for in ground trampolines from Action Fitness

In ground trampolines take all the worry out of bouncing plus have the added extra of enhancing your view and not blocking it, like regular tramps do.

They sit flush to the ground so there’s no great height to fall from, only what your children or big-adult-kids can bounce to. And you don’t have to keep saying ‘shut the zip!’ – which always gets forgotten anyway!

If you love nets, there are still full and half sized options. The trampoline pad comes in round and rectangular shapes and they’re built to last – made in Europe with German precision made springs.

This is a top quality product, designed to enhance your outdoor space and entertain young and old. Just imagine where it could sit in your garden..
Say goodbye to bounce, boing, crash and talk to us about installing one for your family.

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Ready lawn

Ready lawn is a great way to instantly grass or re-grass your section. It is quick and easy to lay and the results are lush, attractive and soft to walk on. A good watering system installed at the same time will ensure it remains looking good throughout the hot dry summer too!

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Pool Coping

Pool coping is the term used for the cap that covers the pool edges. It can be made of tiles, natural stone or pre cast concrete. “Bull nose” coping provides a seamless look between the pool and deck area.
We enjoy providing and installing pool coping that will enhance your pool along with any further paving and landscaping around your pool to make the area attractive, safe and functional.

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Landscaping Turf

Landscaping turf has improved dramatically over the past 10 years and we have recently found a product we really enjoy working with called Superturf. It is the most real life turf available with UV stabilised yarn that looks and feels like real grass.
Dont struggle with grass that cannot survive the Bays long dry summers. Superturf will take the real grass limitations and maintenance issues out of your lawn and keep it looking lush and green all year round!

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Watering Systems

With the improved weather garden watering systems are something you might want to think about to look after your lawns and plants. Here is one we recently installed in a new garden we created.

If you’re keen on low maintenance easy care gardens, we can help. Perhaps some areas just need a freshen up or its a completely new garden you’re after – whatever you’re looking for we would love to help you achieve it. We’d be delighted to visit you to discuss your needs and provide a free quote. Book us now and we’ll do the rest.

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Natural Paving

Natural Paving is a product that we are using to help create beautiful lawns and driveways. It keeps your lawns or pavements stable, enabling you to use these areas while retaining that alluring natural look.

It is innovative and unique and has numerous benefits, for example it is weed resistant, puddles don’t form in it, you can park on it and stilettos, bikes and walking sticks do not sink in it!

See some examples here:

Get in contact with us now and we’d be happy to show you some samples, advise how it can work best for you and provide a quote.

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Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

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Spring tidy up in Papamoa

The sun is finally here and it looks like it’s here to stay – hooray!

As well as a summer in the garden fast approaching, so is Christmas! We’re busy filling up the schedule with garden maintenance tidy ups in time before the holiday season. If you’re having family over or just want to relax in your garden as it looks tip-top in shape, give us a call and we’d be happy to book a visit in.

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Autumn garden tidy

Autumn is here and the weather’s beginning to change. The time is perfect for planting as it’s not so hot and any rain will be your watering friend! We’ve got fresh ideas on planting out the garden to make the most of your space whether it be small corners, garden beds or special areas that need an uplift. Living fences also make an attractive alternative to concrete or tired palings.

It’s also time to start getting the garden in order for the winter. Jobs to think about are raking up leaves, digging in compost, putting down mulch and pruning back the shrubs and climbers. Spending time now in the garden now will set your garden up for the winter months. But don’t let it daunt you – we’d be happy to help!

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Pruning roses

It’s rose pruning season again.
We’ve been busy pruning roses all over gardens in the area lately, helping our clients to look after their plants.
It’s a wise move to make the effort to get your roses pruned properly and regularly each year to help your plants stay strong and healthy. The reward is, hopefully, in the brilliant bloom and vibrant scent later in the year and of course those beautiful blooms matching up to what was pictured on the label!

We’d be happy to prune your roses, if you’re looking for some help, as well as all the other jobs in the garden that might need doing.

When you look at your garden do you feel a sense of relaxation and enjoyment or is it just another list of jobs to do? If it’s the latter, we’d love to help you out.

Perhaps you need a new deck, the fences need a upgrade, your paved areas need a re-think, new raised beds or a complete garden transformation?
Winter is a great time to get your garden spruced up and ready before everyone has the same idea in spring and summer – build your garden in winter, enjoy it in summer!
Give us a call, we’d be happy to talk to you.

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Garden tidy up

We’re hard at work tidying up gardens, spreading bark and picking up leaves over the next few days. Winter is a great time to carry on maintaining your garden, getting rid of garden rubbish and cutting back, all in time for the warmer months approaching.

It’s also the perfect time for us to tackle any of the those garden projects you’ve been meaning to get done. How about a raised vegetable garden, or trellis to add privacy or interest to an underused area? How are your paved areas looking, do they need an update or some creative input for a new look? Perhaps you need an outside area for entertaining that isn’t quite working for you right now? We’d be delighted to come and talk to you, listen to your ideas, offer some of our own and provide a free quote for a garden you can enjoy all year round.

We know not everyone is keen on working outside in the cold, but we are! Let us come in and do all the hard work in the garden so you don’t have to. Call us on 0210 876 8286 or email at


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Winter gardens

Winter is the best time to get your garden updated, so it’s ready for the first signs of the summer (or even spring) bbq. Let us do all the hard work during the cold months, so you can relax and enjoy your garden throughout the year.

Whether it’s a new deck, a patio, an updated path or a complete garden makeover, we cover all of the Manawatu and would love to talk to you about your ideas and how we can help you get the garden that works for you.

Beat the summer rush and let us start on your garden now!

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Garden Tidy and Maintenance

Does your garden need a tidy?

Autumn Leaves

It is now officially Autumn and the weather has suddenly changed after the wonderfully long summer!! It is time to start thinking about getting the garden in order for the winter. Time to rake up the leaves, put down mulch and cut back the shrubs. Maintenance now will set your garden up for the winter months. Our team of gardeners are ready to come out and do the hard work for you.

Give us a call to arrange a maintenance visit to give your garden a tidy


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Spruce up your front garden with a Victorian Tiled Path

Northfields victorian entrance

Create a warm welcome by repairing or creating a stunning “Victorian” tiled path to your front door. So many period houses in the area had these paths and many have been lost to modern paving or fallen into disrepair. We can recreate a gorgeous path which is in character with the local area and is also practical and very hardwearing.

If you think your front garden is unwelcoming and letting down the appearance of your house, give us a call or contact us online so we can come and give you some ideas on what you can do to improve the “kerb appeal” of your property.


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Garden Tidy for Autumn

I know we don’t want to think about it but there is a real Autumnal feel in the Manawatu!

Has the Summer sun and rain made your garden go crazy? Is it overgrown and untidy? Do you need someone to come in and sort it out for you so you can enjoy your garden while the summer is still here. We can make your garden more manageable before the days get shorter and Autumn is upon us?

Contact us at or on 0210 876 8286 to get our maintenance team in to give your garden a little TLC.


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Garden Transformation

Here is an example of one of our recent garden transformations. The old decking has been replaced with artificial grass to provide a more attractive and useable garden.

The garden had old decking which was too rotten and slippery to even go on!!
DSCN0582 version 2


Decking all removed and garden prepared for the artificial grass


Beautiful realistic looking lawn providing a much more inviting and practical space!!




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